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About the Artist

Bio - Julie Erin Ehrmantraut

I reside in Vancouver, Canada, and have been making art since I was 5 years old.
Inspirations include my family and friends, fashion, travelling, the city, and the beautiful nature that surrounds me here in British Columbia.
I enjoy being creative in a variety of ways, artistically but also in life in general.
I have recently completed a degree in Visual Arts and hope to pursue a creative career alongside my professional career.

My practice involves abstraction and the breaking down of boundaries between reality and illusion.
Through layering, pattern, obsession, and perfectionism-expressed over a variety of media-my artwork aims to connect with the viewer and communicate a message or simply a feeling.
I create art in order to make sense of a world full of near constant distraction, and to create a space in which to meditate on the unseen and the indescribable.
I am inspired by environmental issues as well as issues of contemporary femininity, fashion, pop culture, and my home city of Vancouver.
Have a look through my gallery and let me know what you think!




"UJAH: Undergraduate Journal of Art History"
Spring 2015 issue (Page 2)

"Abra-Zine" Spring 2014 issue (Page 2)
Online Arts & Life Zine



October 2015
The Phoenix Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

DOUBLE SPACE: UBC BA/BFA Visual Art Graduating Exhibition
April 2015
Audain Art Centre Gallery at UBC, Vancouver, Canada

7th annual CARDED! Trading Card Art Show
April 2015
Hot Art Wet City Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

An Inescapabale Perspective
November 2013
Exhibition at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, UBC in Vancouver, Canada



Bachelor of Arts with Visual Arts major from the University of British Columbia, Canada.